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People who work in A&E departments really understand the need for robust life-safety systems. After all, the A&E team are at the sharp end of emergencies, and see the results of fire and smoke-related injuries every day.

Emergency evacuation can be challenging in a hospital environment, so the fire alarm system has to be absolutely on point. That’s where we come in…

A few years ago, FDS refurbished the entire 39-panel system in Croydon University Hospital. We clearly impressed them, as we’ve been approached to install a new life safety system in their brand new A&E department. This will integrate with the existing system (which of course we know inside out), and has additional communication features.

Our team is currently installing a Ziton fire alarm system, disabled toilet alarms (Baldwin Boxall) and aspirating systems. We are also installing a PA system, and a nurse call system. The new wing opens later this year, and it is going to provide a fantastic emergency healthcare service.

We’re very pleased to be asked back to Croydon University Hospital, and glad to be of service to their amazing A&E unit.

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